Can You Fit 3 Car Seats in a Subaru Forester

Yes, you can fit three car seats in a Subaru Forester. The car has two rows of seating, and the back row has enough space to accommodate three child safety seats. You would need to use a middle seat belt for the third seat.

  • If you have a three-across Forester, start with the middle seat
  • It’s generally the narrowest of the three positions, so it’s easiest to get a car seat in and out of there
  • The next step is to install the car seat in the outermost position
  • This leaves more room for your child to get in and out of the vehicle, and also provides easier access to the center seating position
  • Finally, install the car seat in the innermost position
  • This may be a tight fit, but it’s doable if you have a smaller vehicle like a Subaru Forester

Can You Fit 3 Car Seats in a Subaru Outback

If you’re a new parent, or even if you’re not, the question of whether you can fit three car seats in a Subaru Outback is one that’s bound to come up. And the answer is…it depends.

It depends on the model of Outback and on the size and type of car seat. But in general, yes, you can fit three car seats in a Subaru Outback – as long as they’re not all bulky, full-size seats. If you have your heart set on an Outback and need to transport three kiddos around regularly, your best bet is to go with the 7-passenger model.

This will give you plenty of room for three car seats (and maybe even some luggage too). But if you don’t need the extra seating capacity and would prefer a smaller vehicle, there are still some options for fitting three car seats into a 5-passenger Outback. One option is to choose two smaller, narrower car seats for the outboard positions and then use a booster seat in the middle position.

Another option is to install one rear-facing infant seat in the passenger seat (using LATCH anchors) and then put two forward-facing toddler seats in the backseat (again using LATCH anchors). You could also do this same configuration with one rear-facing convertible seat instead of an infant seat – it just might be a tight squeeze getting it installed properly. So there you have it – yes, you can fit three car seats into a Subaru Outback…most of the time.

Just be sure to do your research ahead of time so that you know what will work best for your particular situation.

Can You Fit 3 Car Seats in a Subaru Forester


Can You Put Three Car Seats in the Back of a Subaru Forester?

If you have three young children, or if you frequently transport carpools or other large groups, you might be wondering if it’s possible to fit three car seats in the back of a Subaru Forester. The good news is that it can be done! Here are a few tips to help you make it happen:

1. Choose the right car seat. Not all car seats are created equal when it comes to size and weight. For example, an infant car seat will generally be smaller and lighter than a convertible car seat meant for an older child.

This means that you’ll have more options when it comes to fitting three car seats in your Forester. 2. Place the heaviest and bulkiest seat in the middle. This will help to evenly distribute the weight of the seats and prevent them from tipping over or sliding around during turns or sudden stops.

3. Use LATCH anchors whenever possible. The LATCH system (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) is specifically designed for securing child safety seats in vehicles. If your vehicle has LATCH anchors, use them!

They’ll make installation much easier and will help keep your car seats securely in place. 4. Be mindful of headrests and other obstacles. Make sure that there’s nothing blocking the path of any of the carseat straps or buckles, as this could prevent proper installation (and could even be dangerous).

Also, be aware of how high up the headrests on your front seats are; they may need to be lowered in order to provide sufficient space for rear-facing carseats behind them.

Can You Fit 3 Car Seats in a Subaru Forester 2014?

Yes, you can fit three car seats in a Subaru Forester 2014. The vehicle has two full sets of LATCH anchors in the rear outboard seating positions and one tether anchor in the center position. When installing car seats, always consult your car seat manual and your vehicle owner’s manual for specific instructions.

Can You Put a Carseat in the Middle of a Subaru Forester?

If you have a Subaru Forester, you may be wondering if you can put a car seat in the middle. The answer is yes! You can definitely put a car seat in the middle of your Subaru Forester.

There are actually two different ways that you can do this. The first way is to use the LATCH system. The LATCH system is a system that allows you to attach your car seat to your vehicle without using the seat belts.

This is a great option if you want to be able to take your car seat out easily or if you don’t want to have to worry about installing it correctly each time. To use the LATCH system, simply find the two lower anchors on the back of your Subaru Forester’s seats and attach them to the corresponding connectors on your car seat base. The second way that you can install a car seat in the middle of your Subaru Forester is by using the vehicle’s seat belts.

This method is really easy and only takes a few minutes. First, put your car seat in position and then thread the lap portion of the belt through both sets of slots on either side of the carseat (back-to-front). After that, just buckle up like normal!

Be sure to pull tight on both sides so that there’s no slack in the belt – this will ensure maximum safety for your little one.

Can a 2017 Subaru Forester Fit 3 Car Seats?

Yes, a 2017 Subaru Forester can fit three car seats. The vehicle has two sets of LATCH anchors in the second row and three top tether anchors in the third row. There is also plenty of legroom for all passengers.

3 Carseats in a Subaru Outback


When it comes to car seats, the Subaru Forester is pretty accommodating. With its wide door openings and spacious interior, you can easily fit three car seats across the back row. And, thanks to its standard all-wheel drive, you’ll have no problem getting around in all kinds of weather conditions.

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