Can You Sell Old Key Fobs

Yes, you can sell old key fobs. You can list them for sale online or in a local classifieds ad. Be sure to include a photo of the key fob and describe its condition.

You may also want to include information on how many keys are included and whether the remote is working properly.

  • Choose the right platform: If you’re selling your old key fobs, you’ll need to choose the right platform to sell them on
  • There are a few different options when it comes to selling key fobs, so make sure you select the one that makes the most sense for your needs
  • Gather up your key fobs: Once you know where you’re going to sell your key fobs, gather them all up in one place so you can get started listing them for sale
  • Take quality photos: When selling anything online, it’s important to take quality photos of your items so potential buyers can see what they’re getting
  • Be sure to take clear, well-lit photos of your key fobs from multiple angles
  • Write detailed descriptions: Along with quality photos, buyers will also want to know more about the key fobs they’re considering purchasing
  • Write out detailed descriptions of each key fob, including any notable features or flaws
  • Set competitive prices: When pricing your key fobs, be sure to set prices that are competitive with similar listings on the market
  • Don’t price yourself too high or too low – find a happy medium that will attract buyers without breaking your budget

Make Money By Selling Used Key Fobs

Who Buys Used Key Fobs near Me

If you’re looking for someone who buys used key fobs near you, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Key Fob Buyers, we specialize in buying used key fobs from people just like you. We understand that not everyone is interested in keeping their old key fobs around, and that’s why we’re here to help.

We offer a fair price for your used key fobs, and we’ll even come to you to pick them up. So if you have a bunch of old key fobs taking up space in your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’d be happy to take them off your hands and put some cash in your pocket.

Can You Sell Old Key Fobs


Is There a Market for Used Key Fobs?

Yes, there is a market for used key fobs. There are a few reasons for this: 1. Many people don’t want to pay the high price of a new key fob, so they’re willing to buy a used one.

2. Key fobs can be difficult to find, so people are willing to pay for a used one that’s in good condition. 3. Some people simply prefer used key fobs because they’re unique and have character. If you’re thinking about selling your used key fob, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

1. Make sure the battery is still working and that the key fob is in good condition overall. People won’t want to buy a key fob that’s in bad shape. 2. Decide how much you want to sell it for.

Key fobs can range in price depending on their condition and brand, so make sure you set a fair price. 3. Choose the right platform to sell on.

What Can You Do With Old Remote Car Keys?

There are a few things you can do with old car keys, depending on their condition. If they’re in good shape, you could sell them online or at a garage sale. You could also donate them to a local charity or thrift store.

If they’re in bad shape, you can recycle them or throw them away. If you have an old car key that you don’t need anymore, there are a few things you can do with it. You could sell it online or at a garage sale, donate it to a local charity or thrift store, or recycle it.

If the key is in bad shape, you can also just throw it away.

Can You Repurpose a Key Fob?

Yes, you can definitely repurpose a key fob! For example, if you have an old key fob that you don’t use anymore, you can turn it into a keychain or a charm for your purse. Or, if you’re looking for a unique gift idea, you could repurpose a key fob into a piece of jewelry or even a decorative item for your home.

To get started, all you need is some creativity and a little bit of time.

How Much is a Car Key Fob Worth?

A car key fob is a small device that typically contains a keyless entry system and an ignition button. It allows the driver to enter and start the car without having to use a traditional key. The fob can also be used to unlock the doors, open the trunk, and turn off the alarm.

Key fobs can cost anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the features and brand.


You know those key fobs that you get when you purchase a new car? The ones with the dealership’s name and logo on them? Well, it turns out that you can sell them online for a profit.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking to sell your old key fobs. First, make sure that the key fob is in good condition. Second, take some clear, well-lit photos of the key fob.

And third, list the key fob on a popular online marketplace like eBay or Craigslist. If you do all of these things, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to sell your old key fob for a profit. So go ahead and give it a try!

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