Do All Hellcats Have a Red Key

No, not all Hellcats have a red key. Some may have a black key instead. The red key is reserved for those who want the full power of the Hellcat engine, which is 707 horsepower.

For those who don’t need that much power, the black key limits the engine to 500 horsepower.

Not all Hellcats have a red key, but those that do are definitely the envy of other drivers. The red key unlocks the full potential of the Hellcat engine, unleashing an extra 25 horsepower and allowing the engine to rev up to 6,200 RPM. It’s a small difference, but it’s enough to make a big impression on anyone who gets behind the wheel.


How Much is the Red Key for Hellcat

The Red Key for Hellcat is a special key that allows you to unlock the full potential of your Dodge Challenger Hellcat. This key unlocks a higher horsepower output and increased torque, giving you the ability to unleash the true power of your Hellcat on the open road. The Red Key for Hellcat also enables you to access launch control, which allows you to get the perfect start every time.

If you’re looking to take your Hellcat to the next level, then the Red Key for Hellcat is a must-have accessory.

Do All Hellcats Have a Red Key


Do All Hellcats Come With a Red Key?

No, not all Hellcats come with a red key. In fact, only about 50% of them do. The other 50% come with a black key.

Which Hellcat is the Red Key?

The red key on a Hellcat is the most powerful key and allows the engine to access its full potential. It is important to only use this key when the vehicle is on a track or closed course, as it can be dangerous to operate at such high speeds on public roads.

Which Hellcat Comes With Two Keys?

As of 2019, both the Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the Dodge Charger Hellcat come with two keys. One key is a regular key that can be used to start the car and unlock the doors. The other key is a red key that unlocks the full potential of the Hellcat’s engine.

The red key can only be used when the car is in sports mode, which allows the engine to reach its full power output.

Does Scatpack Have Red Key?

Yes, the Scat Pack has a red key. This key unlocks the full potential of the engine and allows for higher speeds and more aggressive driving. It is important to note that the Scat Pack is not intended for street use and should only be used on track or off-road.


The Chrysler Hellcat is a high-performance vehicle that comes with two keys- a black key and a red key. The black key limits the engine to 500 horsepower, while the red key unlocks the full potential of the engine, unleashing 707 horsepower. While all Hellcats come with both keys, not all of them have a red key.

In order to get a red key, customers must request one from their dealership when they purchase their vehicle.

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