Do You Need a Horn to Pass Inspection

No, you do not need a horn to pass inspection.

If your car is newer than 1968, the answer is most likely no— unless you live in Texas. In the Lone Star State, all vehicles must have a working horn. The same goes for Louisiana and Arkansas.

But, if you find yourself outside of those states, it’s not required to have a functioning horn to pass inspection. There are a few exceptions, however. If your car is equipped with an airbag, there needs to be a way to warn other drivers if it’s deployed.

That’s why cars made after 1968 are required to have a horn that sounds when the airbag is deployed. So, while you may not need a honking horn to pass inspection, it’s still a good idea to make sure it works. After all, it’s there for your safety— and the safety of others on the road.

Do You Need a Horn to Pass Inspection near San Antonio, Tx

If you live in or around San Antonio, Texas and drive a car, you may be wondering if you need a horn to pass inspection. The answer is yes! All vehicles must have a working horn in order to pass the annual safety inspection required by the state of Texas.

A horn is an important safety feature on a vehicle as it allows the driver to signal to other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists when they are nearby. It can also be used to scare away animals that may wander onto the road. If your car does not have a working horn, you will not be able to pass inspection.

Fortunately, this is usually an easy fix – simply replace the old horn with a new one! You can purchase horns at most auto parts stores or online. So if you’re getting your car inspected soon, make sure you have a working horn – otherwise you’ll be making another trip back to the inspection station!

Do You Need a Horn to Pass Inspection


Will I Fail Inspection If My Horn Doesn’T Work?

No, you will not fail inspection if your horn does not work. However, it is a safety hazard and you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

Can You Pass Inspection With a Horn Button?

No, you cannot pass inspection with a horn button. A horn button is not an approved item for an inspection sticker.

What Fails a Car Inspection in Texas?

There are a few things that can fail a car inspection in Texas. The most common thing is if the vehicle does not have a current registration sticker. Other things that can fail an inspection are having an inadequate gas cap, or an expired safety inspection sticker.

If the vehicle has any major mechanical issues, it will also fail the inspection.

What is Needed for Texas Vehicle Inspection?

To get your vehicle inspected in Texas, you need to take it to a registered inspection station. The inspector will check the vehicle for safety and emissions requirements. If the vehicle passes, you will be issued a certificate of inspection.

Here are the specific requirements for safety inspections in Texas: -All vehicles must have their headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, and hazard lights working properly. -The windshield cannot have any cracks or holes that obstruct the driver’s view.

-The wipers must work properly and clear the windshield of rain and debris. -The mirrors must be intact and positioned correctly so that the driver can see behind them while driving. -The tires must have sufficient tread depth and be free of any cuts or damage.

-There should be no fluid leaks under the car. -The brakes must be in good condition with no leaks or worn pads/shoes. -The exhaust system cannot have any holes or leaks.

Need a horn to pass inspection?


You may have noticed that your car has a horn, and you may have wondered why. After all, it’s not like you use it very often. However, horns are actually required by law in many states.

That’s because they’re a crucial safety feature. If you get into an accident, or if your car breaks down on the side of the road, a horn can help warn other drivers and prevent them from hitting you.

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