Does Valvoline Use Recycled Oil

Yes, Valvoline does use recycled oil. The company utilizes a patented process called Vacu-Blend to recycle and re-refine used motor oil into high quality lubricants for vehicles. This process uses vacuum distillation technology to separate contaminants from the used oil and then blend it with additives designed for specific engine applications.

The result is clean, high quality lubricants that meet or exceed API standards. Through this process, Valvoline is able to reduce its environmental impact while providing consumers with cost effective solutions that protect their engines better than conventional oils can do alone.

Yes, Valvoline does use recycled oil for its motor oils. Their EcoPower line of motor oils is made from a combination of virgin and recycled base oils that have been re-refined to meet the highest quality standards. This helps reduce the dependency on finite resources like petroleum and reduces emissions associated with refining processes.

It also makes their products more cost effective, allowing them to pass savings onto consumers without compromising performance.

Valvoline Next Generation Re-Cycling Motor Oil — Making an Impact – Pep Boys

Valvoline Nextgen Discontinued

Valvoline recently announced that it will be discontinuing its Nextgen motor oil line due to changing market conditions. The company cites a focus on specialty and synthetic oils as the reason for the switch, which is in line with their current business strategy. Valvoline has assured customers that they can still purchase all of their favorite products from other lines such as MaxLife or SynPower, so there should not be any interruption in service.

Does Valvoline Use Recycled Oil


Is Valvoline Oil Made from Recycled Oil?

Valvoline oil is a popular motor oil brand that has been around for more than 150 years. While some might think Valvoline oil is made from recycled oil, this is not the case. Valvoline uses specially designed lubricants and other additives to create their products – they do not use any recycled materials in the production of these oils.

The company works hard to ensure that all of its products meet strict industry standards, so you can be sure that your car will be running smoothly when using Valvoline’s high-quality engine oils. Additionally, the company also recycles used motor oils and provides recycling programs for consumers who want to dispose of their old engine oil properly. So while Valvoline does not make its own engine oils out of recycled material, it still strives to reduce its environmental footprint by promoting responsible disposal practices and resource conservation efforts.

What Kind of Oil Does Valvoline Use?

Valvoline is one of the leading providers of motor oil, and they use a variety of different types to meet the needs of all types of vehicles. Valvoline’s most popular oils are their synthetic blends, which offer excellent protection against wear and tear while also providing superior lubrication. They also offer full-synthetic options for maximum performance in engines with higher operating temperatures or more severe driving conditions.

Other oils available from Valvoline include conventional mineral oils as well as high-mileage formulations that help keep older engines running smoothly. All Valvoline products are formulated using advanced additives to ensure optimal engine performance and long life, no matter what type you choose.

Is Recycled Oil As Good As New Oil?

Recycled oil is not as good as new oil. New oil has been refined to remove impurities, while recycled oil may contain contaminants that can damage an engine over time. Additionally, new motor oils are designed specifically for today’s engines and their performance needs, whereas recycled oils don’t have the same level of protection and lubrication properties.

Furthermore, when used in older engines where seals may already be worn or cracked, it can lead to increased wear on internal components due to sludge formation from abrasive particles present in the used product. While recycling motor oil does provide some environmental benefits by reducing waste and the need for fresh crude supplies, its use should be limited only to situations where quality is not a major concern; otherwise, there could be negative consequences down the road such as accelerated wear of critical parts or even complete engine failure due to contamination-related issues.

Is Synthetic Oil Recycled Oil?

No, synthetic oil is not recycled oil. Synthetic motor oil is made from a combination of base oils that are chemically modified to create a product with superior qualities than those found in conventional petroleum-based motor oils. These molecularly engineered base stocks, combined with other advanced additives, provide superior protection against wear and tear, improved fuel economy, and better overall performance in higher temperatures compared to traditional motor oils.

Since it isn’t derived from crude oil like conventional engine oils are, synthetic engine oil does not require the same process of refining or recycling as recycled petroleum based products do. This makes using synthetic engine oils more environmentally friendly since they don’t need to go through the same production processes as their non-synthetic counterparts. In addition to being more eco-friendly and providing superior protection for your vehicle’s engine, synthetic oil also lasts longer between changes compared to standard petroleum based lubricants – meaning you can save money on maintenance costs over time!


In conclusion, Valvoline does not use recycled oil in their products. Instead, they rely on high-quality base oils to ensure that their motor oil is of the highest quality and meets all necessary industry standards. Although recycling used motor oil may be a popular practice among some companies, Valvoline has put an emphasis on producing its own high-quality products rather than relying on recycled materials for its engine lubricants.

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