How Fast Did Smokey Nagata Go

At the wheel of his twin-turbocharged Lexus LFA, Smokey Nagata has set a new world record for the fastest mile driven in reverse. Nagata’s LFA reached a top speed of 193.93 mph (312.45 km/h) over the course of one mile (1.6 km), making it the fastest car in the world to cover that distance in reverse. The previous record was held by British stunt driver Russ Swift, who reached a top speed of 165 mph (266 km/h) in a Jaguar XJ220 back in 1999.

Smokey Nagata is no stranger to speed. The Japanese native has been setting records and breaking barriers in the world of automotive racing for decades. So, how fast did Smokey Nagata go?

The answer may surprise you. In 1998, Smokey set the Guinness World Record for the fastest land speed by a production car when he reached speeds of 304.96 miles per hour in his Toyota Supra Turbo. But that’s not all; he also held the record for the fastest mile clocked by a production car at 283.232 mph!

And if those feats weren’t enough, Smokey has also raced competitively in drag races, drift competitions, and time attack events. He’s truly a force to be reckoned with behind the wheel. So, how fast did Smokey Nagata go?

Fast enough to solidify his place as one of the greatest drivers of our generation.

Smokey Nagata hitting 197mph on uk public roads

How Old is Smokey Nagata

Smokey Nagata is a Japanese drift racer and car builder who has been active in the automotive industry since the 1980s. He is best known for his work with the Toyota Supra, which he raced in the D1 Grand Prix series. Nagata is also the founder of Top Secret, a tuning shop that specializes in performance modifications for Japanese cars.

Nagata was born on October 10, 1963, making him 55 years old as of 2018. He began his career as a mechanic at a Toyota dealership, where he worked on race cars during his spare time. In 1987, he made his racing debut in the All-Japan Touring Car Championship (now Super GT) driving a Toyota Corolla AE86.

He would go on to compete in several other racing series throughout his career, including Formula Nippon and Super Taikyu. In 2001, Nagata founded Top Secret, which quickly became one of the most popular tuning shops in Japan thanks to its unique style and attention to detail. The company has built some of Japan’s most iconic tuned cars, including the 1000 horsepower Supra that set multiple world records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Today, Smokey Nagata remains an active figure in both the racing and tuning scenes. He continues to build incredible cars at Top Secret, and can often be seen drifting around Tokyo’s streets or tearing up racetracks across Japan.

How Fast Did Smokey Nagata Go


How Fast is Smokey Supra?

Smokey Supra is one of the world’s fastest cars. It can reach speeds of up to 190 miles per hour.

How Fast is Nagata Supra?

Nagata Supra is a Japanese speedboat that can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. It is one of the fastest speedboats in the world and has set numerous world records. The boat was designed by Hiroaki Nagata, who is also a professional racecar driver.

How Fast is Smokey’S R35?

Assuming you are asking about the Nissan GTR with the RB26DETT engine, Smokey’s R35 is probably around 1000hp. The top speed has been recorded at over 200mph.


On October 21, 2017, Smokey Nagata set a new record for the fastest lap time at the Fuji Speedway in his modified Toyota Supra. His time of 1:05.17 was over two seconds faster than the previous record holder, Naoki Yamamoto. Smokey Nagata is a Japanese professional racing driver and drift competitor.

He is best known for his work with Toyota and Lexus tuning company Top Secret. In 2010, he set the world record for the longest drift distance in 24 hours.

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