How Many Torque Converter Bolts on 4L60E

There are 8 bolts that hold the torque converter to the 4L60E transmission. They are located on the outside of the bell housing. There are 4 bolts that go through the torque converter and into the flexplate, and there are 4 bolts that go through the torque converter and into the transmission.

The bolts that go into the flexplate are longer than the ones that go into the transmission.

If you’re rebuilding a 4L60E transmission, one of the first steps is to remove the torque converter. This can be a bit tricky, as there are 12 bolts holding it in place. Here’s a quick rundown of how to remove the torque converter on a 4L60E:

1) Remove the transmission pan and drain the fluid. 2) Disconnect the shift linkage and electrical connectors. 3) Remove the drive shaft.

4) Support the transmission with a jack and remove the bell housing bolts. 5) Carefully lower the transmission enough to access the torque converter bolts. There are 12 of them, so take your time and make sure you get them all.

Once they’re loosened, you should be able to pull the torque converter out.

4L60E Torque Converter Bolts

If you’re working on a 4L60E transmission, one of the things you’ll need to do is torque the converter bolts. There are a total of six bolts, and they all need to be torqued to 30 ft-lbs. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get the job done:

1. Start by putting the transmission in neutral and engaging the parking brake. 2. Remove the dust cover from the front of the transmission. 3. Using a socket and ratchet, remove the six bolts that hold the torque converter in place.

Be sure to keep track of which bolt goes where, as they are all different sizes. 4. Once the bolts are removed, carefully pull the torque converter off of the transmission input shaft. If there is any resistance, make sure that you are not twisting or damaging anything before applying more force.

5. To install your new torque converter, simply repeat steps 3 and 4 in reverse order. Make sure that you torque all of the bolts to 30 ft-lbs before moving on.

How Many Bolts are in a Chevy Torque Converter?

The Chevy torque converter is a vital part of the transmission system in Chevrolet vehicles. It helps to transfer the engine’s rotational energy to the transmission, which then sends it to the wheels. The torque converter is filled with fluid and has a series of blades that spin when the engine is running.

There are typically 12 bolts that hold the torque converter in place.

How Many Bolts Does a 4L60E Transmission Have?

There are 24 bolts that hold the 4L60E transmission together. These bolts must be torqued to specifications in order to ensure proper operation of the transmission.

How Do You Remove the Torque Converter Bolt on a 4L60E?

Assuming you have already removed the transmission from the vehicle: 1. Remove the oil pan. 2. Unbolt and remove the stator support.

3. Remove the pump bolts, washers, and O-ring gasket. Be careful not to damage the pump housing or gasket surface. The 4L60E uses a unique bolt that has right-hand threads on one end and left-hand threads on the other (Reverse Threaded Bolt).

This is to keep it from coming loose during operation of the transmission. You will need a special tool to remove this type of bolt, which can be rented from most auto parts stores. 4. Pry out the old torque converter seal with a seal pick or similar tool being careful not to damage the pump housing in the process.

5. Clean any debris from inside the converter recess in the pump housing using brake clean or carburetor cleaner and a shop towel taking care not to get any cleaner inside the transmission itself through either of its two openings.. 6 Coat both sides of new torque converter seal with ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) then insert into place making sure it is fully seated all around before proceeding.

.Install new pump bolts hand tight only at this time as you will need to align them properly in order later when torquing them down per specifications..Reinstall stator support being sure that its splines are properly aligned with those in thtransmission then bolt it in place finger tight for now also..

7 Now that everything is back together lightly snug all bolts down per specifications found in your service manual starting with those holding onthe stator support followed by those attachingthe oil pan working your way around until they are all snugged evenly taking care not to over tighten anything at this point..Tighten each nut/bolt an additional 1/4 turn using a star pattern until all are tight following your service manual’s specified torque values exactly for each fastener used..

How Many Bolts Does a 4L80E Torque Converter Have?

The 4L80E torque converter has 18 bolts.


There are eight bolts that hold the torque converter to the flexplate on a 4L60E transmission. The bolts are arranged in a star pattern, with four bolts in the center and four bolts around the outside. Torque converters are what transfer energy from the engine to the transmission, and they’re an important part of making sure your car runs smoothly.

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