How to Put Prius in Maintenance Mode

To put a Toyota Prius into maintenance mode, start by turning off the car and opening the hood. Locate the diagnostic link connector (DLC) near the driver’s side of the engine bay. Insert a small flathead screwdriver into DLC slot 4 to release it from its holder.

With your foot on the brake pedal, press and hold down both accelerator pedals for at least 5 seconds until all dashboard lights turn on. After that, depress both accelerator pedals again for 3-5 seconds to enter maintenance mode which will allow you to access various diagnostic codes associated with your Prius model. To exit this mode after performing any tests or repairs, simply restart your vehicle and drive as normal.

  • Start the engine of your Prius and turn off all accessories such as the radio, heater, or air conditioner
  • Press and hold the power button on the steering wheel until a message appears on the instrument panel reading “Test Mode On”
  • This will activate Maintenance Mode in your Prius
  • Open up Toyota’s TIS Techstream software by plugging an OBD-II scanner into your car’s diagnostic port located underneath its dashboard near the driver’s side door area
  • Connect to your Prius using Techstream with a valid login ID and password provided by Toyota for this purpose
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  • Select “Diagnostics” from Techstream’s main menu once you are connected to your vehicle successfully, then click “Vehicle Diagnostics” followed by “Maintenance Mode Entry/Exit” from that menu list in order to enter Maintenance Mode within seconds on your Prius’ system display after pressing ‘OK’ when prompted for confirmation of entering maintenance mode

Prius Maintenance Mode Gen 3

Maintaining a 3rd generation Prius is relatively easy, as Toyota has designed it with maintenance mode to help you keep track of when certain parts need to be serviced. With maintenance mode activated, your Prius will alert you when it’s time for an oil change or other regular maintenance. In addition, the display on the dashboard can provide useful information about how much fuel you are using and what your average speed is over a given period of time.

All in all, maintaining a 3rd generation Prius requires minimal effort and provides peace of mind that your car is running optimally.

Prius Maintenance Mode Gen 2

The Prius Maintenance Mode Gen 2 was introduced in the second generation of Toyota Prius vehicles. This mode is designed to alert drivers when it’s time for their scheduled maintenance, and can be activated by pressing the “Info” button on the instrument panel. This mode provides information about oil changes, tire rotations, air filter replacements, and other important service items that need to be done on a regular basis.

It also has an indicator light system which shows when certain parts are due for replacement or repair. The mode is easy to use and helps keep your vehicle running efficiently without having to remember all of its maintenance needs yourself.

Prius Gen 4 Maintenance Mode

The fourth generation of the Toyota Prius, released in 2015, is equipped with a maintenance mode that allows drivers to monitor the condition of their vehicle. This feature can be accessed through the car’s onboard diagnostics system and provides information on various engine components such as spark plugs, air filters, and battery life. Maintenance Mode also offers reminders for oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections and more.

By regularly monitoring your Prius Gen 4’s performance via this feature you can ensure that it remains reliable over time while also reducing unexpected repair costs.

Driving Prius in Maintenance Mode

Driving a Prius in Maintenance Mode is an important part of ensuring that your car runs smoothly and efficiently. When the vehicle enters this mode, it will run at reduced power and speed for about 10 minutes so that its onboard diagnostics can be tested. During this time, you should take care to drive slowly and avoid any sudden accelerations or hard braking as these can harm the sensitive systems of the Prius.

Afterward, the system should reset itself back to normal operation without any further action required on your end.

How to Take Prius Out of Maintenance Mode

To take your Prius out of Maintenance Mode, start by pressing the power button and then press and hold the Trip/Odometer Reset button located on the instrument panel. While holding this button down, turn the key to ON position without starting the engine. After a few seconds you should hear several beeps indicating that Maintenance Mode has been successfully disengaged and your Prius is now ready for use.

Prius Ready Mode

The Prius Ready Mode is a feature that allows drivers of the Toyota Prius to save energy while their car is parked. It works by powering down all unnecessary systems in the vehicle to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, allowing for improved fuel economy when restarting the car later. This mode can be enabled with just one click of a button, making it an easy way for drivers to make their drive more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Prius C Maintenance Mode

The Prius C Maintenance Mode can be accessed when the vehicle is in Park and the power switch is turned to off. Once enabled, this mode allows for a series of maintenance-specific functions, such as resetting any warning messages that have been triggered, conducting self diagnostic tests of various components within the car, and enabling or disabling certain features on your dashboard. By accessing this special mode you can ensure that your Prius C runs optimally and prevent unexpected issues from occurring down the line.

Prius Prime Maintenance Mode

The Prius Prime is a hybrid electric vehicle from Toyota that features a Maintenance Mode designed to help owners keep their car running efficiently. By entering Maintenance Mode, the driver can check for any necessary maintenance and receive important diagnostic information about the car’s performance. Furthermore, this mode helps identify potential issues before they become serious problems and keeps drivers informed of when it may be time for an oil change or other service work.

How to Put Prius in Maintenance Mode


How Do I Put My 2013 Prius in Diagnostic Mode?

Putting your 2013 Prius into diagnostic mode is a relatively simple task that can help you diagnose potential problems with the vehicle. First, you will need to access the OBD-II (Onboard Diagnostic) port on your Prius. This is typically located under the steering wheel, and may be concealed by a plastic panel or cover.

Once accessed, plug in an OBD-II compatible scan tool into this port and turn the key of your car to “on”. Next, press and hold down both the Trip/Reset button and Power switch for at least five seconds until a menu appears on the instrument cluster display. From here select “Diagnosis” from this list of options.

You should now be able to read codes using your scanner’s LCD screen which can help identify what issues are present within your car’s system(s). Be sure to refer to any relevant service manuals or contact an authorized dealership technician if needed as they may provide additional insight when it comes time for repair or maintenance work!

What is Hybrid Maintenance Mode?

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How Do You Turn off Maintenance Mode on a Prius?

Maintenance mode on a Prius is an invaluable tool that helps you keep track of the condition of your vehicle. It’s important to turn off maintenance mode after completing any service or repairs, as it will reset all dashboard indicators and keep them from displaying incorrect information. To accomplish this, first switch the ignition key to “OFF” before turning it back to “ON” but don’t start the engine yet.

Next press and hold down both the Trip/Reset button (located in the steering wheel) for about three seconds until “MAINT REQD OFF” appears on your center console display screen. Finally, start up your engine and check that all warning lights have been cleared from your dashboard. By following these simple steps you can easily turn off maintenance mode on a Prius so you can get back out onto the road with confidence knowing everything is working properly!

What is Inspection Mode on a Prius?

Inspection mode on a Prius is an important diagnostic feature found in many Toyota and Lexus vehicles. It allows technicians to check the vehicle’s systems, diagnose problems, and make repairs. When inspection mode is activated, all of the car’s electronic systems are placed into diagnostic testing mode.

This includes both engine control modules (ECM) as well as transmission control modules (TCM). During this process, the technician can monitor various parameters within each system such as fuel injector patterns and throttle position readings. The technician can also reset any codes that have been stored due to errors or malfunctions with these components.

By utilizing inspection mode on a Prius, technicians will be able to quickly identify issues with the vehicle’s performance and provide timely repair solutions for customers.

How to put a Prius in maintenance mode


Putting your Prius in maintenance mode can be a useful tool for keeping it running efficiently. With the ability to perform various tests without having to take it into a shop, you can save time and money by taking care of any necessary repairs or maintenance yourself. Maintenance mode is easy to access and use, so there’s no need for concern about making mistakes.

As long as you follow the instructions carefully, you can enjoy a trouble-free driving experience with your Prius.

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