How to Turn off Auto Stop 2020 Chevy Traverse

If you’re like many Chevy Traverse owners, you may have noticed that your SUV has an Auto Stop feature that turns off the engine when the vehicle is stopped. While this can be a great way to save fuel, it can also be a bit annoying if you’re not used to it.

  • To turn off Auto Stop on your 2020 Chevy Traverse, first press the brake pedal and then hold down the “Auto Stop” button for three seconds
  • Once the “Auto Stop” light on the dash goes off, release the button and your Traverse will no longer automatically shut off when it comes to a stop
  • If you want to turn Auto Stop back on at any time, just press and hold the “Auto Stop” button for three seconds again and the light will come back on

How to Turn off Auto Stop Chevy Traverse 2021

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t even know that your Chevy Traverse has an Auto Stop feature. But if you’re finding that your vehicle is stopping unexpectedly when idling, it’s likely because this feature is turned on. Here’s how to turn it off:

1. Start by turning on your Chevy Traverse and pressing the “Menu” button on the steering wheel. 2. Scroll down to the “Settings” menu and press the “Enter” button. 3. Scroll down to the “Vehicle” submenu and press the “Enter” button again.

4. Find the setting for “Auto Stop” and toggle it off using the “+/-” buttons next to it. 5. Press the “Menu” button twice to exit out of the menus and you’re all set!

Can You Shut off Auto Stop on Chevy Traverse?

If you’re the owner of a Chevy Traverse, you may be wondering if it’s possible to shut off the auto stop feature. This feature is designed to save fuel and reduce emissions by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle is idling. However, some drivers find it annoying or inconvenient, especially if they frequently drive in stop-and-go traffic.

If you fall into this category, here’s what you need to know about disabling auto stop on your Chevy Traverse. The first thing to note is that there is no official way to turn off auto stop completely. However, there are a few methods that can be used to bypass or disable the feature.

One popular method is to hold down the accelerator pedal for several seconds after coming to a complete stop. This will cause the engine to remain running for a brief period of time before automatically shutting off again. Another method that can be used is to shift the transmission into neutral when stopped.

This will also keep the engine running until you shift back into drive or park. Finally, some owners have found that disconnecting the battery for a short period of time will also disable auto stop temporarily. Keep in mind that all of these methods are unofficial and may not work on all models or years of Traverse.

In addition, they could potentially void your warranty so proceed at your own risk!

Can You Disable Auto Stop 2021 Traverse?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t want your vehicle to automatically stop when it detects an obstacle in front of it. Fortunately, you can disable this feature in the 2021 Traverse. Here’s how:

1. Press the Settings icon on the infotainment system’s home screen. 2. Select the Driver Assistance tab. 3. Scroll down to the Forward Collision Alert section and press the Disable button.

A confirmation message will appear on-screen; press Yes to confirm that you want to disable the feature. With auto stop disabled, your Traverse will no longer automatically stop when an obstacle is detected in front of it. Keep in mind, however, that this safety feature can still be useful, so you may want to re-enable it at some point in the future.

How Do I Permanently Turn off Chevy Start Stop?

If you’re not a fan of your Chevy’s start/stop feature, there is a way to turn it off permanently. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Press the brake pedal and hold it down while you start the engine.

2. Keep your foot on the brake for at least two seconds after the engine starts. 3. Once the engine is running, press the START/STOP button once (do not hold it down). You’ll see a message on the instrument cluster that says “Start/Stop Disabled.”

4. That’s it! The start/stop system will now be disabled every time you start your Chevy until you follow these steps again to re-enable it.

Can You Turn off Auto Stop in 2022 Chevy Traverse?

As of right now, it is not possible to turn off auto stop in the 2022 Chevy Traverse. This feature is designed to help improve fuel efficiency by automatically shutting off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop. While it may be frustrating for some drivers, it is not currently possible to disable this feature.



If you’re looking to turn off the auto stop feature on your 2020 Chevy Traverse, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll show you how to disable auto stop on your Traverse so that you can keep the engine running even when it’s idling. We’ll also share some tips on how to troubleshoot the auto stop feature if it’s not working properly.

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