How to Turn off Eco Mode on Toyota 4Runner 2021

Picture this: you’re driving your 2021 Toyota 4Runner, and you feel like you’re in control of a powerful beast on wheels. But suddenly, you notice that your vehicle’s performance has taken a backseat, thanks to Eco Mode. While this feature is designed to enhance fuel efficiency, it may not always align with your driving preferences.

If you’re itching to unleash the full potential of your 4Runner, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of turning off Eco Mode and rekindling that raw, untamed driving experience.

Understanding Eco Mode:

Before we dive into the steps to disable Eco Mode, let’s briefly understand what it is. Eco Mode is a feature commonly found in modern vehicles, including the 2021 Toyota 4Runner. Its primary purpose is to optimize fuel efficiency by adjusting various vehicle settings, such as throttle response, transmission, and climate control. While this can lead to savings at the pump, it may also result in a more subdued driving experience.

Reasons to Turn off Eco Mode:

Here are some compelling reasons why you might want to disable Eco Mode:

  1. Enhanced Performance: Eco Mode tends to throttle the engine’s power output to save fuel. Disabling it can provide a noticeable boost in performance, especially when merging onto highways or tackling off-road terrain.
  2. Favorable Driving Feel: If you prefer a more responsive throttle and quicker acceleration, turning off Eco Mode will help you achieve that.
  3. Towing or Hauling: When towing a trailer or carrying a heavy load, Eco Mode can hinder your vehicle’s performance. Disabling it can provide more power for these tasks.

Steps to Turn off Eco Mode on Your 2021 Toyota 4Runner:

Now, let’s get down to business and learn how to disable Eco Mode:

1. Start Your Vehicle:

Ensure your 4Runner is running and ready for you to make adjustments.

2. Locate the Drive Mode Selector:

In the 2021 Toyota 4Runner, the Drive Mode Selector can typically be found on the center console, near the gear shift lever. It may be labeled as “Drive Mode,” “Terrain Mode,” or something similar.

3. Access Drive Mode Options:

Press the Drive Mode Selector button to access the available driving modes. You may see options like “Eco,” “Sport,” “Normal,” and more displayed on your dashboard.

4. Select the Desired Mode:

To disable Eco Mode, simply scroll through the available driving modes using the Drive Mode Selector until you reach the mode that suits your preferences. In most cases, you’ll want to choose “Sport” or “Normal” to maximize performance.

5. Confirm Your Choice:

Once you’ve selected your preferred driving mode, confirm your choice. Your 4Runner should now be in the chosen mode, with Eco Mode effectively turned off.

6. Test the Difference:

Take your 4Runner for a spin and feel the difference in performance and responsiveness. You’ll likely notice a more spirited driving experience without the constraints of Eco Mode.


  • Keep in mind that disabling Eco Mode may lead to reduced fuel efficiency, so use it judiciously, especially for daily commuting.
  • Re-enabling Eco Mode is as simple as following the same steps and selecting “Eco” as your desired mode.
How to Turn off Eco Mode on Toyota 4Runner 2021


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How Do I Put My 2021 4Runner in 4 Wheel Drive?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step process on how to put your 2021 Toyota 4Runner in four-wheel drive: First, find the switch on the center console that has 4L and 4H settings. This is the four-wheel drive control switch.

Next, with your foot on the brake, shift the vehicle into neutral. Then, press and hold the 4L button (on the switch) until you hear a beep. This indicates that four-wheel drive low has been engaged.

Release the button and shift back into drive. You’re now ready to tackle whatever terrain comes your way!

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he 2021 Toyota 4Runner offers a versatile driving experience, and turning off Eco Mode allows you to tap into its full potential. Whether you’re seeking improved performance, a more dynamic driving feel, or better capability for specific tasks, knowing how to disable Eco Mode puts you in control of your 4Runner’s performance destiny. Enjoy the ride!

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