Is Trw a Good Brand

Yes, TRW is a good brand. They are known for their high quality products and excellent customer service. Their brake components and systems are some of the best in the industry and they have been providing these parts to vehicle manufacturers since the early 1900s.

Their commitment to safety, innovation, and quality make them an ideal choice for anyone looking for top-notch automotive parts or systems. Additionally, they offer a wide range of options so it’s easy to find something that meets your needs without compromising on performance or reliability. Ultimately, TRW is a great option when it comes to buying automotive parts because of their reputation as well as their dedication to providing superior products at competitive prices.

TRW is a well-known brand in the automotive industry and has been producing quality parts for decades. From brake components to steering systems, TRW offers reliable solutions for every type of vehicle. Whether you’re looking for an affordable part or something more high end, TRW has it all.

Plus, their warranty on products is solid and they stand behind their parts 100%. All in all, TRW is a great option when it comes to brands that produce top-of-the-line auto parts.

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Where are Trw Parts Made

TRW parts are manufactured in a variety of locations around the world. The main manufacturing sites for TRW Automotive components are located in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, China, India and South Korea. All of these facilities produce a range of products including brakes and steering systems for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

TRW also has additional manufacturing sites in many other countries to serve specific customer needs.

Is Trw a Good Brand


Is Trw a Good Brand for Bmw?

TRW is one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry, and they are a great choice for BMW owners. TRW offers a wide range of parts and accessories specifically designed to fit BMW vehicles, including brakes, suspension components, steering systems, electronics and much more. Not only that but they also offer some of the best customer service you will find anywhere with their knowledgeable staff ready to answer any questions you may have.

They also have competitive prices compared to other brands so you can be sure that you’re getting the best value for your money when buying from them. In addition, all TRW products come with an impressive warranty which gives additional peace of mind when purchasing from this brand.

Who Owns Trw Automotive?

TRW Automotive is a global leader in automotive safety and is owned by ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The company was formed in 2002 after the merger of two well-known companies, TRW Inc. and LucasVarity plc. Since then, it has become one of the largest suppliers of automotive components worldwide, with over 5 million vehicles containing TRW parts being built each year.

As a leading provider of advanced vehicle safety systems, airbag modules and steering systems for many major automakers around the globe, TRW has maintained its place at the forefront of automotive innovation since its inception.

Where are Trw Brakes Made?

TRW Brakes are manufactured in several locations around the world. In North America, TRW operates production facilities in Mexico and the United States, with its main manufacturing facility located near Los Angeles, California. The company also has a research and development center in Michigan which focuses on developing advanced braking technologies.

Elsewhere in the world, TRW brake components are produced by local suppliers using global specifications to ensure consistent quality standards across all products. Other production sites include plants located in India, China, Japan, Brazil and Romania for both original equipment (OE) brakes as well as aftermarket parts for vehicles throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. All of these facilities adhere to stringent quality control processes that have earned them ISO/TS 16949 certification from TUV South Germany – ensuring customers consistently get high-quality brakes no matter where they’re purchased from worldwide.

Which is Better Mevotech Or Moog?

When it comes to automotive parts, Mevotech and Moog are two of the most trusted names in the industry. Both offer a wide selection of high-quality products designed to keep your car running smoothly for years to come. But which one is better?

That depends on what you’re looking for. Mevotech offers excellent parts that tend to be more affordable than those from Moog, while Moog provides superior quality components with greater durability and performance at a higher price point. Ultimately, both companies have great products that will help maintain your vehicle’s performance and longevity; you just need to decide which one suits your budget and needs best.


TRW is a good brand that provides reliable products and services. Their reputation for reliability has made them one of the top automotive suppliers in the world. They have also been known to provide excellent customer service, making it easy to get help when needed.

While their prices may be higher than other brands, they are worth considering if you’re looking for quality parts and services for your vehicle.

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