Is Underglow Illegal in Ohio

Yes, underglow is illegal in Ohio. Section 4513.17 of the Ohio Revised Code prohibits any type of light that is not white or amber in the front of a vehicle and red, yellow, or white in the rear. This includes neon lights and other decorative lighting that is not part of the car’s brake light or turn signal system.

There are some exceptions for off-road vehicles and emergency vehicles, but generally speaking, if you have colorful lights on your car in Ohio, you could be pulled over and ticketed.

Most people think of underglow as those colorful neon lights that outline the bottom of a car. While this is one type of underglow, there are actually many different ways to add underglow to your vehicle. Some use LEDs, others use strobe lights, and some even use lasers!

Whatever method you choose, just know that in Ohio, all forms of underglow are illegal. This may come as a surprise to some, but it’s important to remember that any light that emits from the underside of your car can be considered underglow. This includes anything from your headlights to your taillights.

So if you’re thinking about adding some underglow to your ride, be prepared to get pulled over and cited by the police. While it may be tempting to add underglow to your car for aesthetic purposes, it’s simply not worth the risk here in Ohio. Not only is it illegal, but it can also be quite dangerous for other drivers on the road.

If you must have colored lights on your car, stick to traditional methods like headlight covers or taillight tinting.

Is Underglow Illegal in Ohio


Are Led Lights Illegal in Ohio?

There are no statewide laws in Ohio that prohibit the use of LED lights, so they are legal to use. However, there may be local ordinances that restrict or prohibit their use in certain areas. It’s always best to check with your local authorities to see if there are any restrictions on using LED lights before installing them.

Is Purple Underglow Illegal in Ohio?

No, purple underglow is not illegal in Ohio.

What Color Lights are Legal in Ohio?

There are a few different colors of lights that are legal in Ohio. These include white, blue, green, and amber. There are also some restrictions on how these colors can be used.

For example, blue lights can only be used on emergency vehicles. Green lights can be used on agricultural equipment. Amber lights can be used on construction equipment.

What Lights are Illegal on Cars in Ohio?

There are a few different types of lights that are illegal on cars in Ohio. These include: 1. Red, blue, or purple lights: These colors of light are typically associated with emergency vehicles, so using them on your car could be confusing (and dangerous) to other drivers.

2. Flashing lights: Lights that flash intermittently are also illegal, as they can again be confusing for other drivers. This includes things like strobe lights and LED light bars. 3. High-beam headlights: It is illegal to have your high beams on at all times while driving, even if there is no one else around.

This is because they can be very blinding for oncoming traffic. 4. Rotating or flashing brake lights: Brake lights that rotate or flash are not allowed in Ohio (or any other state), as they can give the illusion that the car is about to stop when it isn’t actually braking.



In Ohio, underglow is illegal if it’s red, blue, or amber. You can get pulled over and ticketed for having these colors showing on the underside of your car.

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