Ls Piston Oil Squirter Kit

The LS Piston Oil Squirter Kit is a highly effective solution for reducing piston-to-wall clearance and improving engine efficiency. This kit includes oil jets, which are designed to squirt extra oil onto the underside of the pistons as they pass through the top dead center (TDC). This helps reduce friction between the piston and cylinder wall, resulting in improved performance and longer engine life.

The kit also includes an adjustable jet nozzle for easy installation on all types of engines. This product is designed for use with both natural aspirated and forced induction engines, allowing you to customize your setup according to specific needs. With this kit, you can enjoy improved power output while extending engine life span significantly.

The LS Piston Oil Squirter Kit is a must-have for any engine enthusiast. This kit contains everything you need to keep your oil pressure up and running smoothly, including four high quality piston squirters, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. The included components are designed to provide improved oiling to the cylinder walls of your LS series engine while reducing friction wear on the pistons and other moving parts.

With easy installation and maintenance, this kit will help you get the most out of your LS engine!

Ls Piston Oil Squirter Kit


What is Cocktail Shaker Effect in Piston?

The cocktail shaker effect is a specific issue that can occur in piston-engined aircraft. This phenomenon occurs when the engine’s cylinders, pistons, and valves vibrate out of sync with each other due to an improperly tuned idle speed or excessively rich fuel mixture. As these components move at different speeds and create varying amounts of pressure on the cylinders, they cause the entire engine to shake like a cocktail shaker.

Not only does this cause discomfort for pilots and passengers alike, it can also lead to serious damage if left unchecked over time. The most common solution to counteract this problem is adjusting the idle speed setting or air/fuel mixture settings until there is no longer any vibration coming from the engine; however mechanical repairs may be necessary if these adjustments do not resolve the issues.

How Do You Cool a Piston?

When it comes to cooling a piston, the basic principle is simple: you need to draw heat away from the piston. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through air cooling. A fan or blower can be used to blow air across the surface of the piston, which will help dissipate some of its heat energy into the ambient environment.

Additionally, using fins on or around your pistons will increase their surface area and allow them to cool even more quickly as they absorb more ambient air. You should also make sure that there’s enough clearance between your pistons and cylinder walls so that hot gasses don’t get trapped in between them and further increase their temperature. Lastly, oil cooling can also prove very useful in keeping temperatures down; by passing oil over a series of channels inside each bore you can ensure that any excess heat generated during combustion is drawn away from both your piston and cylinder walls quickly and efficiently.

What Do Piston Cooling Jets Do?

Piston cooling jets are a critical component of an internal combustion engine, allowing the pistons to operate at peak performance without overheating. When oil passes through the piston cooling jets, it is directed onto the underside of the piston crown and skirt which helps absorb and dissipate heat that has built up from engine operation. The oil also serves as a lubricant for moving parts inside of the cylinder walls, helping to reduce friction between them.

Additionally, by providing a continuous supply of fresh oil to these parts during operation, piston cooling jets help extend their lifespan and reduce wear on metal surfaces due to heat buildup. They’re typically found in larger engines with high power outputs but can be beneficial for smaller ones as well since they help maintain proper temperature levels inside of cylinders and keep them operating efficiently over long periods of time.

How Do You Install an Oil Squirter?

Installing an oil squirter requires a few basic tools and some technical know-how. The first step is to locate the appropriate hole in your engine block where the oil squirter will be inserted. Once you have located this spot, use a drill bit to make a small hole for the oil squirter nozzle to fit through.

Next, apply some sealant around the area of insertion and insert the new nozzles into place. Make sure that it is properly sealed on all sides so that there are no leaks or gaps between the body of the motor and the installation site. Finally, connect one end of a rubber hose to each side of your newly installed oil squirters and secure them with clamps before connecting both ends of the hose together tightly with another clamp at each side.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your own custom-made oil squirter!

LSx Oil Squirters: Retro fitting

Sbc Piston Oil Squirter Kit

The SBC Piston Oil Squirter Kit is an essential part of any engine build. This kit includes everything you need to install a piston oil squirters in your Small Block Chevy engine, including the pre-drilled pistons and the necessary hardware needed for installation. With this kit, you can increase lubrication to your engine’s connecting rods and main bearings for improved performance and longer life.

Piston Oil Squirter Benefits

Piston oil squirter benefits include improved engine cooling, reduced friction between the piston and cylinder wall, better lubrication of the piston ring and cylinder walls, increased engine durability, improved fuel economy and enhanced performance. They also help prevent leaks due to their unique design which allows them to be installed in tight spaces where traditional oil systems cannot reach. With a reliable oil delivery system provided by an efficient suspension system such as a piston oil squirter, your vehicle will enjoy greater longevity and superior protection from wear-and-tear caused by excessive heat buildup within its powertrain components.

Piston Cooling Nozzle Function

The function of a piston cooling nozzle is to provide a continuous flow of coolant directly onto the surface of the piston, helping to dissipate heat and keep temperatures under control. This can be especially important in high-performance engines where engine components may become too hot from prolonged use. The nozzle also helps reduce friction between the piston and cylinder walls, allowing for smoother operation.

Oil Jet Piston Cooling Nozzle

Oil jet piston cooling nozzles are an effective cooling method used in many internal combustion engines. These nozzles direct a fine spray of oil onto the pistons, which helps to reduce piston temperature and minimize wear and tear on the engine components. This type of cooling system is especially beneficial for high-performance engines that require increased levels of power output and efficiency.

The use of oil jet piston cooling can increase engine life by reducing friction between the moving parts due to reduced temperatures, resulting in better overall performance.


The LS Piston Oil Squirter Kit is a great way to ensure that your engine is properly lubricated, reducing wear and tear on the parts. This kit makes it easy to install, with all the hardware you need included in the package. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, this kit offers excellent protection for your engine at an affordable cost.

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur mechanic looking for reliable oil squirters, this kit is sure to provide you with long lasting performance and peace of mind when working on your vehicle’s engine.

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