What Happened to Turbo Tom

Turbo Tom was a cartoon character who appeared in commercials for Kellogg’s cereal in the 1980s. The character was voiced by actor John Ritter. In the commercials, Turbo Tom would eat Kellogg’s cereal and then run so fast that he would leave a trail of dust behind him.

At the end of each commercial, Turbo Tom would say, “I’m too fast for you!” In 1984, Turbo Tom disappeared from TV screens and was never seen again. Some people believe that he was retired because his eating habits were encouraging children to overeat.

Others believe that Kellogg’s simply stopped using the character because he was no longer popular. Whatever the reason, Turbo Tom is now a part of pop culture history.

Turbo Tom was a beloved children’s TV character who starred in his own show on Nickelodeon. The show was cancelled in 2001, but Turbo Tom remained popular with kids for years afterwards. In recent years, however, Turbo Tom has fallen out of the public eye.

What happened to this once-beloved character? There are several theories about what happened to Turbo Tom. One theory is that he simply retired from the entertainment business and is now living a quiet life out of the spotlight.

Another theory is that he never really existed in the first place; instead, he was just a figment of kids’ imaginations. Whatever the truth may be, one thing is clear: Turbo Tom holds a special place in the hearts of those who grew up watching him on TV. He will always be remembered as a kind and lovable character who brought joy to millions of kids around the world.

Turba Tom Dead or Alive? Accident Turba Tom Cause of Death | Turba Tom Accident Last Video

Turbo Tom Crash Video

In 2014, a video of a “crash” involving the Turbo Tom character from the popular children’s show The Wiggles went viral. The video, which was reportedly filmed in 2007, showed Turbo Tom (played by then-Wiggle Anthony Field) tumbling down a staircase while wearing a full body suit and helmet. Though he appeared to be in pain, Field continued with the show after getting up and dusting himself off.

The video resurfaced in 2014 after it was posted on YouTube by user “michaelpaulo.” It quickly went viral, garnering millions of views and sparking debate about whether or not The Wiggles should be allowed to continue performing for children. Some commenters felt that the fall could have seriously injured Field and that children watching the clip might be traumatized; others found it amusing and praised Field for his dedication to keeping the show going.

The Wiggles themselves responded to the controversy with a statement on their website, writing: “We can assure you that Anthony is absolutely fine and there was no danger to any child at any time during filming.” They also noted that safety is always their top priority when filming new episodes of the show. Despite the initial uproar, it seems that most people have since forgotten about Turbo Tom’s crash; however, it remains an interesting moment in internet history.

Turba Tom Real Name

This post is about Turba Tom, a famous YouTuber with over 1.3 million subscribers. His real name is Thomas Seltzer and he was born on October 1, 1992, in Germany. He currently resides in Berlin.

Turba Tom started his YouTube channel back in 2011 and has since then uploaded over 600 videos, amassing over 300 million views in total. His channel is mostly dedicated to gaming content, but he also uploads the occasional vlog or challenge video. Some of his most popular videos include “Minecraft ‘EXPLODING’ server”, “GTA 5 Online – Turbo Tom LIVE”, and “WORLD’S BIGGEST MINECRAFT LUCKY BLOCK CHALLENGE”.

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Turba Tom is also a musician and has released several songs under the alias “Turbotronic”. He has toured all over Europe and even played at the world-famous Tomorrowland music festival in Belgium.

Turbo Tom Dies

Turbo Tom, the beloved talking cat of YouTube fame, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 15. His human companion, Mary Anne Miller, found him unresponsive in his bed and took him to the emergency vet, where he was pronounced dead. Tom first came into Mary Anne’s life as a kitten in 2005.

He quickly became a part of the family, and his sweet personality and adorable antics won him a loyal following on YouTube, where he had his own channel with over 150,000 subscribers. Turbo Tom will be remembered for his love of cuddles, his passion for napping, and his adorable meow. Mary Anne is heartbroken over the loss of her furry friend, but she takes comfort in knowing that Turbo Tom brought joy to so many people through his videos.

She plans to continue running his YouTube channel in his memory. RIP Turbo Tom – you will be missed!

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What Happened to Turbo Tom

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What Happened to Turbo Tom

In the early 2000s, Turbo Tom was a popular toy amongst children. It was a small, plastic figure that could be attached to the end of a pencil, and when the user blew into the straw sticking out of the back of Turbo Tom, his arms would rotate. Unfortunately, production of Turbo Tom ceased in 2006 due to poor sales.

Who is Turbo Tom

Turbo Tom is a fictional character who appeared in the 1980s Saturday morning cartoon series, The Get Along Gang. He was voiced by actor William Callaway. Tom was the leader of the Get Along Gang, and as such, was always coming up with new ideas to solve problems and get things done.

He was also very competitive, always striving to be the best at whatever he did. Despite his competitiveness, Tom was a kind and caring individual who looked out for his friends and always tried to do what was right. While Turbo Tom may no longer be on our TV screens, he remains an iconic figure from 1980s pop culture.

For many people, Turbo Tom represents the ideal leader: someone who is intelligent, resourceful, and above all else, kind-hearted.

Why Did Turbo Tom Disappear

In 2006, Turbo Tom was one of the most popular cats on the internet. He had his own website and YouTube channel where he posted videos of himself doing various stunts and tricks. However, in 2007, Turbo Tom suddenly disappeared from the internet.

His website and YouTube channel were taken down and there has been no sign of him since. There are a few theories as to why Turbo Tom disappeared. One theory is that he simply got too old and his owners decided to take him offline.

Another theory is that he may have passed away, although this has never been confirmed. The most likely explanation, however, is that Turbo Tom’s owners simply lost interest in keeping up his online presence and decided to move on to other projects. Whatever the reason for Turbo Tom’s disappearance, it’s clear that he was once a beloved internet celebrity who is still fondly remembered by many today.

Where is Turbo Tom Now

Turbo Tom, the beloved cartoon character from the 90s, is now a successful businessman. After his animated series ended, Turbo Tom used his popularity to launch a successful career in business. He is now the CEO of a major corporation and has a net worth of billions of dollars.

He still makes occasional appearances on television and in movies, but he is mostly retired from the entertainment industry.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Turbo Tom, the speedy little blue engine that could. In fact, the last time anyone has seen him was back in 2012 when he disappeared from his home in San Francisco. His owners, Jenn and John, had taken him out for a walk one day and he ran off after a squirrel.

They searched for him for months but never found him. They always hoped that someone would find Turbo Tom and bring him home, but it never happened. Until now.

Recently, Jenn got a call from a woman who had found Turbo Tom living on the streets of Oakland. He was dirty and skinny, but she recognized him from his picture on flyers she had seen around town. Jenn and John were overjoyed to hear that their little engine was alive and well, and they wasted no time in driving to Oakland to pick him up.

It’s been quite a reunion for all involved, and Turbo Tom is finally back where he belongs!

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