What is S And L Gear in Honda Crv

S and L Gear in Honda CRV is a feature that allows drivers to select low or high gear when the car is stopped. Low gear provides better acceleration from a stop, while high gear gives improved fuel economy at highway speeds. S stands for “start” and L stands for “low”; both are available in first through fourth gears.

This feature helps drivers decide which mode would be most beneficial based on their current driving conditions or desired performance characteristics. It can help improve overall vehicle performance by allowing drivers to choose the best setting for their specific situation, whether they need extra power off the line or more efficient operation on the highway.

S And L Gear in a Honda CRV is a technology feature that provides an enhanced driving experience. It works by allowing the driver to switch between two different gear sets, each of which is optimized for different conditions – Sport mode for more responsive performance and fuel efficiency; and Comfort mode for better ride comfort and smoother acceleration. With S And L Gear, drivers can easily tailor their vehicle’s shift patterns to best suit their needs in any given situation.

What is S And L Gear in Honda Crv

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What Does S And L Stand for on Honda Crv?

S and L stand for Sport and Luxury, respectively, on a Honda CRV. The S trim is typically associated with the LX model, while an L trim usually indicates an EX or higher level of the Honda CRV. The two models feature different designs to meet customer needs based on their budget and preferences; those looking for a little more luxury may opt for the EX or higher trims which come standard with features like leather interior, power moonroofs, upgraded wheels and audio systems.

However, if you’re looking for something more sporty that still offers value-driven features such as efficient engine options and advanced driver assistance technologies then the LX trim may be your best choice. No matter which one you choose though, both trims provide reliable performance backed by Honda’s legendary quality standards so you can enjoy every drive in your new CRV knowing it has been built to last!

What Does S And L Mean on Gear Shift?

S and L on a gear shift stand for “Slow” and “Low”. These are two gears that can be used when driving an automatic transmission vehicle. In slow mode, the engine runs at lower RPMs and delivers more torque to the wheels, allowing you to accelerate slowly.

This is great for navigating tight spaces or busy intersections. Low gear gives you even more control over your speed, allowing you to drive up steep inclines or other challenging terrain with ease. When it comes time to hit the highway, switch into high gear for maximum efficiency and power delivery.

The S and L settings provide drivers with an extra level of control in certain situations—making them essential components of every driver’s toolkit!

What is the S Gear on Honda Hrv?

The S gear on a Honda HRV is the Sport mode. It allows for quicker acceleration and firmer shifting of gears to provide an improved driving experience. When in this mode, the vehicle’s engine speed will increase faster than normal and it will take more fuel to power up the engine.

The transmission also shifts at higher RPMs when in sport mode, which increases responsiveness and handling performance while also adding a bit of extra power. This can be beneficial if you want to get where you’re going quickly or need to make quick maneuvers on the road such as overtaking slower traffic. In addition, sport mode provides better control over your car by allowing you to adjust your speed depending on how much grip is available from the tires and how well they are responding to changes in direction.

What is the L Gear on a Honda?

The L gear on a Honda is the low or first gear when shifting from park to drive. In this range, the vehicle will run at lower speeds and use less fuel than higher gears. This makes it ideal for starting off in traffic, climbing hills, or driving through muddy terrain.

When used properly, the L gear can help drivers save money on gas mileage as well as ensure their safety on the road by providing more control over acceleration and deceleration. Additionally, it’s also important for drivers to know how and when to shift into an L gear so that they can maximize its potential benefits while minimizing any wear-and-tear that could occur if using it too often or incorrectly.

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What is S And L Gear in Honda Crv 2016

The S and L Gear in a Honda CRV 2016 refer to the two-mode transmission, which allows drivers to choose between Sport Mode (S) or Economy Mode (L). In Sport Mode, the transmission shifts differently than in Economy Mode, allowing for more responsive performance. When in Sport mode, engine response is quicker when accelerating and greater torque is applied at lower speeds.

Meanwhile, Economy mode optimizes fuel efficiency by reducing engine RPMs while cruising at higher speeds.

What is S And L Gear in Honda Crv 2012

The Honda CRV 2012 features S & L Gear, which stands for Sport and Low Gear. This feature allows the driver to choose between two different driving modes – Sport Mode or Low Gear – depending on the terrain and conditions they are driving in. With sport mode, you can expect improved acceleration as well as increased fuel economy while low gear provides better traction control when driving on uneven surfaces or slippery roads.

When to Use Sport Mode in Honda Crv

When driving a Honda CR-V, you may want to consider using the Sport Mode feature. This mode allows for faster acceleration and more responsive handling by increasing engine power. It is best suited for situations where you need to quickly accelerate from a stop or navigate tight corners at higher speed.

Additionally, Sport Mode can be used when driving on hilly terrain as it helps maintain momentum going uphill and steadiness going downhill.

What is S Mode in Honda Crv

The Honda CR-V offers an innovative feature known as S Mode. This mode helps the driver to adjust the powertrain for maximum performance and fuel efficiency. It is activated by pressing a button on the center console, which will allow you to select from four different driving modes: Normal, Sport, Comfort and Eco.

Each of these settings provides different levels of acceleration and fuel economy depending on your driving style and needs. In addition to increasing performance, S Mode can also help you save money on gas since it adjusts engine output according to your selected setting.


In conclusion, S and L Gear in Honda CRV is a feature that allows drivers to select between two gear options. The S mode provides more power for higher speeds while the L mode will give you better fuel economy. This feature can be beneficial to anyone who wants an efficient driving experience on highways or city roads alike.

By taking advantage of this technology, drivers can enjoy improved performance and comfort at any speed.

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