What is Service Trailer Brake System

Service trailer brake system is a type of brakes used in heavy duty vehicles. These brakes are designed to provide extra stopping power when the vehicle is carrying a heavy load or towing a trailer. Service trailer brake systems typically have two or more brake chambers, which are connected to the axle with air hoses.

When the driver activates the brakes, air pressure builds up in the chambers and applies the brakes on the wheels.

The Service Trailer Brake System (STBS) is a great way to ensure that your trailer brakes are working properly. STBS is an electronic system that monitors the trailer’s brake system and automatically applies the trailer’s brakes when necessary. This can help prevent accidents and improve safety on the road.

How to Reset Service Trailer Brake System

If you have ever had to deal with a service trailer brake system, then you know how frustrating it can be. The good news is that there is a way to reset the system so that it will work properly again. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to reset your service trailer brake system:

1. Start by disconnecting the negative battery cable from the battery. This will help to prevent any electrical issues while you are working on the brakes. 2. Next, locate the fuse box for the trailer brakes and remove the fuse that corresponds to the brakes.

3. With the fuse removed, take a look at the wiring harness for any damage or fraying. If you see any damage, make sure to repair it before continuing. 4. Once you have checked all of the wiring, reconnect the negative battery cable back to the battery.

5. Finally, engage the emergency brake handle and release it several times in order to bleed any air out ofthe lines. Make sure to check all ofthe wheels for proper operation before driving away!

How Do You Fix Service Trailer Brakes?

Service trailer brakes are an essential part of any towing set-up. If your trailer’s brakes are not functioning properly, it can be extremely dangerous. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix service trailer brakes.

1. Check the brake fluid level in the master cylinder. If it is low, add more fluid until it reaches the proper level. 2. Inspect the brake pads and shoes for wear.

If they are excessively worn, they will need to be replaced. 3. Check the condition of the brake drums and rotors. If they are damaged or excessively worn, they will also need to be replaced.

4. Inspect all of the brake lines and hoses for leaks or damage. Any damaged components will need to be repaired or replaced before proceeding further. 5 .

Bleed the brakes to remove any air from the system and restore proper braking performance . To do this, you will need a partner to help you as one person will need to operate the pedal while the other bleeds each wheel individually starting with the furthest away from The master cylinder working their way back..

Once all four wheels have been bled, top off The master cylinder with fresh fluid and test The brakes by slowly depressing The pedal while monitoring The pressure gauge.. If everything seems normal then congratulations!

You have successfully fixed your service trailer brakes!

How Do You Reset a Trailer Brake Controller?

If you have a trailer brake controller that needs to be reset, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow. First, find the manual override button on the brake controller. This is usually located on the face of the brake controller.

Once you’ve found the manual override button, press and hold it for about 5 seconds. This will cause the trailer brakes to engage and then release several times. After doing this, your trailer brake controller should be reset and ready to use again.

What Does It Mean When My Truck Says Service Brake System?

When your truck says “service brake system”, it means that the brake system needs to be serviced. This could mean that there is a leak in the system, the brakes need to be adjusted, or the fluid levels need to be checked. If you’re not sure what service is needed, it’s best to take your truck to a qualified mechanic for an inspection.

Why Does My Tahoe Say Trailer Brake System?

If your Tahoe is saying “trailer brake system,” it’s likely that there’s a problem with the trailer brakes. This could mean that the trailer brakes are not working properly, or that they’re not connected to the Tahoe correctly. There are a few things you can check if you’re having trouble with your trailer brakes.

First, make sure that the trailer brake controller is properly mounted and plugged in. Next, check the fuses and circuit breakers to see if they’re all functioning properly. Finally, inspect the wiring between the Tahoe and the trailer to ensure that everything is secure and connected correctly.

If you still can’t get your trailer brakes working properly, it’s best to consult with a professional mechanic or technician who can help diagnose and fix the problem.


Service Trailer Brake System, or STBS, is a type of trailer brakes that uses air pressure to engage the brakes. This system is often used in trailers that are towed behind vehicles, such as RVs and boats. When the vehicle’s brake pedal is depressed, it sends a signal to the STBS unit which then activates the trailer’s brakes.

The amount of pressure applied to the brakes can be adjusted depending on the weight of the trailer and the desired stopping power.

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