What Transmission is in a 1991 Chevy 1500 4X4

If you’re looking to buy a 1991 Chevy 1500 4X4, it’s important to know what kind of transmission it has. There are four different types of transmissions that were available in the 1991 Chevy 1500: the 700R4, Turbo Hydra-Matic 200-4R, Turbo Hydra-Matic 400, and Muncie SM465. Each transmission has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

If you’re looking for a 1991 Chevy 1500 4X4, there’s a good chance it will have an automatic transmission. However, it’s not impossible to find one with a manual transmission – especially if you’re willing to search high and low or pay a little extra. Either way, the truck is sure to be a workhorse and provide years of dependable service.

91 Chevy 1500 Transmission Identification

The 91 Chevy 1500 came with two different transmissions, depending on the engine size. The 4.3L engine came with a Muncie SM465 transmission, while the 5.0L and 5.7L engines came with a Borg Warner T5 World Class transmission. You can identify which transmission your truck has by looking at the tag that is attached to the side of the transmission.

The tag will have the manufacturer’s name, as well as the model number and year of production. If you cannot find this tag, you can also look for a stamped code on the side of the bell housing. The Muncie SM465 transmission will have a code that starts with “M”, while the Borg Warner T5 World Class transmission will have a code that starts with “T”.

What Transmission is in a 91 Chevy 1500 4X4?

Assuming you are referring to the 91 Chevy 1500 truck, it would have come with one of three transmissions. The first option was a 3-speed THM700-R4 automatic. This was a lightweight aluminum case transmission with an integrated bellhousing.

It had four forward gears and reverse. Overdrive was engaged by a button on the shifter and locked out below 20 mph. The second transmission available for the 91 Chevy 1500 truck was the 4-speed Borg Warner T5 manual.

This transmission also had an aluminum case and an integrated bellhousing. It too had four forward gears plus reverse, but no overdrive gear. The third transmission choice for the 91 Chevy 1500 truck was the 5-speed New Process NP435 manual.

As with the other two transmissions, it had an aluminum case and integrated bellhousing. However, this one had five forward gears plus reverse. There was no overdrive gear with this transmission either.

What Motor is in a 1991 Chevy 1500?

The motor in a 1991 Chevy 1500 is a V6 engine. This engine is capable of producing up to 150 horsepower and 240 pound-feet of torque. It has a displacement of 5.7 liters and an bore diameter of 3.48 inches.

The compression ratio for this engine is 9:1.

What Transmission is in a 1989 Chevy 1500 4X4?

In 1989, the Chevy 1500 4×4 came standard with a three-speed automatic transmission. However, customers could also opt for a four-speed manual transmission. The three-speed automatic was equipped with overdrive, while the four-speed manual did not have overdrive.

What Kind of Transmission is in a 1992 Chevy 1500?

The 1992 Chevy 1500 came with two different transmission options: a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual. The four-speed automatic was the most popular option, as it provided good fuel economy and reliability. The five-speed manual was less popular, as it was more difficult to use and didn’t offer as much fuel economy.


In a 1991 Chevy 1500 4X4, the transmission is a four-speed automatic with overdrive. This transmission has been known to be reliable and have few problems.

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